Mississauga's New Mayor 2024

As a candidate for mayor in 2024, I understand the struggles faced by the residents of Mississauga. That's why I pledge unwavering commitment to addressing these challenges. With a proven track record of resilience and dedication to community well-being, I am prepared to lead Mississauga towards a future marked by transparency, integrity, and innovative solutions.

My diverse background in Political Science, Canadian Indigenous Studies, Electronic Engineering Technology, Smart City Design, and Business Management, including International Business, equips me with the skills needed to tackle the current issues plaguing our city. I am well-versed in city governance and recognize the importance of inclusivity in decision-making.

I will actively engage with diverse communities, ensuring that the voices of all are heard and considered in shaping Mississauga's future plans. Additionally, my technical expertise will play a crucial role in modernizing the city's infrastructure, making it more efficient and accessible for all residents.

Mississauga, once poised for greatness, now faces obstacles that threaten its prosperity. From urban planning to transparency, these challenges must be addressed to ensure a brighter and more affordable future for all middle-class residents. Together, let's work towards a tomorrow that is bright, affordable, and safe for everyone in Mississauga.

Seeing my fellow candidates for Mayor of Mississauga adopt my campaign platform ideas is a clear indication that my ideas are resonating and making waves. It's flattering to be the trailblazer in this race, showcasing innovative solutions for our city's challenges.

Their imitation underscores the power and originality of my ideas. It's evident that they recognize the strength of my vision and leadership. While they may attempt to mimic my platform, it's a testament to my genuine ideas and leadership.

Mississauga deserves a leader who leads with authenticity, not imitation. My ability to capture the attention of other candidates showcases my true leadership skills. Together, we can bring about the positive change our city needs.

And so, I will continue to lead.

Here is a sample of my commitment to the City and its People

Tavares for Mayor

In this video, I highlight the pivotal importance of transparency and accountability in politics, and why these values are crucial for our community.

Bloor Street Bike Lanes and Car Lane reduction

In this video, I dive deep into the recent contentious decision made by the Mississauga City Council concerning  removing car lanes, and installing unprotected bike lanes, sparking a wave of public outcry. Join me as I analyze the impact of this decision on the community and explore the reasons behind the controversy.

Revolutionizing Public Transit

In this video, I suggest this exciting proposed initiative in Mississauga - 'Bike to the Bus for Free'. Join us as we explore the numerous benefits of this initiative and its detailed implementation plan. Learn how this initiative can revolutionize transportation in Mississauga and promote a more sustainable way of commuting. 

Dedication Over Ambition: Why City Councilors Need to Remain Dedicated to Their Elected Wards

In this video, we shed light on the crucial role of dedicated leadership in Mississauga. As one of the leading candidates for the upcoming elections, I offer unique insights and perspectives on the qualities that make a great leader. 

My Lone Fight Against The Dissolution of Peel started in my 2022 Mayoral Campaign 

In this captivating video, we delve into the intricate story of leadership and foresight during the Peel Region dissolution issue. Join us as we examine the crucial role of visionary leaders in navigating challenging circumstances and shaping a better future for communities. 

Discover the importance of electing leaders with a strategic vision for progress and unity. Don't miss out on this compelling narrative that highlights the power of strong leadership in times of uncertainty.

What's the Point Interview

The link provided directs to my interview with The Pointer, wherein I articulate my comprehensive vision for Mississauga and elucidate strategies for fostering cohesive collaboration across various levels of governance—municipal, regional, provincial, and federal—to collectively achieve our objectives for the city.

Link Provided  https://www.buzzsprout.com/460444/14830450

The YouTube video includes audio and offers Closed Captions, which may need to be activated by turning on CC.

A Safer Mississauga, Tavares for Mayor

Join me in this compelling video as we shine a spotlight on my campaign message for Mayor, with a specific emphasis on enhancing road safety in Mississauga. From addressing traffic congestion to advocating for pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, my vision for the city is both ambitious and practical.

In this video, we delve into the importance of prioritizing road safety, discuss key initiatives proposed by my campaign, and interview locals to gather their thoughts on the issue. Together, let's explore how my leadership can transform Mississauga's streets for the better.

Don't forget to give this video a thumbs up if you support my campaign for Mayor and share it with your friends and family to spread awareness about the crucial issue of road safety in our community. Let's make our city safer for everyone!

Contributions? No Thank you. 

In my pursuit of public service, I am firmly committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and independence. To ensure that my actions are driven solely by the needs and concerns of the community I serve, I have made the decision to decline any financial contributions or offers of volunteer assistance.

This choice is rooted in a deep conviction to avoid any appearance of impropriety or influence from special interest groups. By abstaining from financial support and volunteer assistance, I aim to maintain an unwavering dedication to the best interests of all constituents, free from any external pressures or conflicts of interest.

From Napkin Idea to Final Product, and where Mississauga gets it wrong 

In Mississauga, good ideas often falter not due to their merit, but bureaucratic hurdles and mismanagement. It's not about bad ideas, but the journey from conception to execution. 

Good Leaders can spot this, Great Leaders correct it!  

The Fourplex Failure

In this video, we delve into the topic of the 2023 failure for the construction of fourplexes in the city. 

The city councilor's that presented this and denied the proposal are now running for mayor of Mississauga with Housing being one of their priorities, citing themselves as decision-makers with leadership qualities. But considering the Mayor had to intervene with the Strong Mayor's Power to get this approved, it seems apparent that none of them possesses this ability.

The Impact of BRT System on Mississauga's Middle-Income Families

In this thought-provoking video, I enter into the potential effects of the proposed Bus Rapid Transit system along Dundas Street in Mississauga on middle-income families and residents who rely heavily on these roads. Join me as I analyze how this major infrastructure project could reshape transportation dynamics in the area and what it means for the daily lives of the community.

Don't miss out on this insightful discussion that sheds light on the future of transportation in Mississauga. Like and share this video to spread awareness and spark meaningful conversations around urban planning and public transit initiatives. Your perspective matters! #MississaugaBRT #UrbanPlanning #PublicTransitImpact

***edit*** Thank you, Cathy S., for pointing out the issue. If we fix the small problems quickly enough, they never become too big to fix.

The Patterns of Unfulfilled Commitments

In this eye-opening video, we delve into the repeated promises made by the Elected over the years. From public statements to election pledges, we uncover the patterns of unfulfilled commitments. Join us as we expose the truth behind the rhetoric and hold our representatives accountable. Don't forget to like and share this video to spread awareness!

Bike and Bus for Free 

My proposal centers around implementing "Bike to the Bus for Free" in Mississauga to enhance mobility and accessibility. 

This initiative integrates biking with public transportation, aiming to make transportation more inclusive, affordable, and sustainable. Our objectives include improving accessibility, increasing time efficiency, promoting safety, and facilitating weather adaptability. 

To achieve this, we plan to launch a pilot program, engage stakeholders, conduct public awareness campaigns, and collect data on bike lane usage to justify and improve biking infrastructure across the city 

Revolutionizing Repairs QR Code Tracking

An innovative proposal of integrating QR code tags for streamlining repair reporting and tracking processes in Mississauga. 

By leveraging QR codes, we can revolutionize how repairs are documented and monitored, leading to enhanced efficiency and accuracy. 

Let's shape a more effective and tech-savvy future for repair management in Mississauga together! 

Tackling car thefts

Join me as I explore the current challenges faced in tackling car thefts and the potential benefits of collaborating with other countries to combat this rising trend. 

Learn about the strategies and technologies that can be implemented to enhance security measures and reduce car theft rates nationwide. 

If you're concerned about vehicle safety and interested in effective solutions, don't miss out on this insightful discussion. 

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Redesigning Bloor Street A Safer Future

In this video I am proposing a redesign of Bloor Street's bike lanes in Mississauga, the primary focus is on enhancing safety and accessibility through the integration of innovative technology. The plan involves installing protected bike lanes alongside existing car lanes, with cutting-edge technology synchronizing street lights with bike lane pace for seamless transitions. Additionally, a dedicated lighting system within the bike lanes would signal presence for heightened safety awareness all without losing a car lane. 

Preventing Unfair Rent Hikes Facing Seniors, A Plan

In this video, I enter into the pressing issue of unfair rent increases and property tax hikes facing seniors in Mississauga. I'll outline a comprehensive plan to protect our older residents from financial struggles and housing instability. Join me as I explore viable solutions and advocate for a more inclusive and supportive community for seniors. Let's ensure our elders can age comfortably in their homes with dignity and peace of mind. Don't forget to like and share this important video to raise awareness and spark positive change! #SeniorsRights #MississaugaHousing #FairRent #PropertyTaxRelief #tavaresformayor #Mississauga #Mississaugavotes #Mississaugavotes2024 

The Future of Transit: Hazel McCallion Line LRT

Explore the upcoming transformation in transit with the Hazel McCallion Line LRT. 

Join me as I delve into the shift from bus services to LRT, highlighting the impact on service accessibility as we anticipate a 48% reduction in current bus stop usage. Come envision the future of transportation with the LRT.