About Me 2022

Mississauga has a lot of potential and opportunities for success. However, recently it has faced some problems and disagreements that have made many residents feel disappointed and frustrated. These issues include things like how the city is growing and developing, as well as problems with being open and honest about what is happening.

I wanted to make a change and help solve these problems, so I a ran for mayor. I have a diverse background and education in different subjects like politics, Indigenous studies, engineering, business management, and international business. These experiences have prepared me to face the challenges that our city is currently dealing with.

As someone who is well-informed about how our city government works, I understand how important it is to include everyone in the decision-making process. I will work closely with different communities and groups of people to make sure their voices are heard when we make plans for the future. I also have technical knowledge that can help improve our city's infrastructure and make it more modern.

When it comes to leadership, I believe in being open, honest, and bringing new ideas to the table. Transparency, integrity, and innovation are my main values. I want to serve the people of Mississauga as their next mayor and make things better for everyone who lives here.

Together, we can face the challenges that our city is going through, rebuild trust, and create a better future for Mississauga. Join me on this journey as we work towards a city that cares about the well-being and dreams of its residents. Let's build the Mississauga we want and deserve.

George Tavares




If Talk is Cheap,  and Voting is Free, Then Silence is Costly 

George Tavares