Full Platform

Property Tax Freeze

  • Conduct a "line by line" audit of the budget

  • Implement the OECD Best Practices for Budget Transparency

  • Create a “Cost-Savings Ideas” initiative that encourages citizens and City staff's input and continue it, year to year

  • Implement Shorter Work Week for Mississauga staff, to avoid overtime, fatigue related injuries and to foster a better work life balance

  • Create additional financial streams, using our current infrastructure. As an example, use the Dedicated Bus Mississauga Transit way route for the Ontario Major Marathons, Carnivals and Ribfest

  • Prioritize SAVING measures over OVERSPENDING

  • Re-evaluate the Personal Spending Budges for all Councillors and the Mayors Office

  • Pay Freeze of the Councillor's and Mayor's Salaries

Transportation, Transit and Bike Safety

  • Align investments in roads and transit with growth

  • Mississauga to Toronto in the Hour – a program to enable individuals to go from one end of Mississauga to Toronto within the 60 min

  • Revamp the transit program to include new technologies

  • Reduce congestion through development of technology based control

  • Work with Metrolinx to design a faster and more efficient service system and to encourage more bike usage

  • Install head start pedestrian signals to all of our intersections

  • Establish better bike and parking bylaws to increase road safety for everyone

  • Accelerate the city’s Cycling Network Plan and creating useable bike lanes

  • Replace speed cameras in residential streets and other such areas with Law Enforcement

  • Support traffic signal priority for buses, and rapid transit projects

  • Work with Metrolinx to create new bus routes and increase frequency of buses

  • Investigate increasing services on Friday night and Saturday night

Crime and Law Enforcement

  • Work with law enforcement, professional communities and community groups to reduce crime

  • Create prevention mandate of police and improve the effectiveness of first responders

  • Involve city workers and social service professionals to assist community members

  • Develop a "de-escalate violence" program

  • A return of at least one Police Community Station in each Ward

  • Using proven technology based solutions to prevent Car Jacking and other crimes in Mississauga

Affordable Housing and Affordable Living

  • Streamline approvals and enact common sense changes that would allow housing to be built quickly and affordably

  • Eliminate bid manipulation and prevent bid-rigging

  • Create more taxable regulation on the housing market to target home flippers and speculators

  • Provide greater renter protection and opportunity for home ownership for first-time homebuyers

  • Significate Tax increases to anyone owning three or more properties

  • Eight year, Property Tax Roll Back for Seniors

  • Investigate the failure on delivering the $10-a-day childcare and find a solution

  • Reduce the Mississauga's home purchase tax for first-time homebuyers

  • Decrease the cost of condominium and apartment building development in Mississauga through the modification of building regulation, permit costs, and permit wait times

  • Increase the Vacant Home Tax amount to decrease number of vacant units in Mississauga and promote affordable rent and housing

  • Government assisted rent-geared-to-income subsidies including student housing

A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown.

David Brinkley