How it Should Work 2022

The city of Mississauga operates as a dynamic business, where residents act as shareholders and City Councilors serve as CEOs and Board Chairs. Instead of traditional investments, property taxes are utilized to fuel the growth and well-being of the community.


These investments flow back into the city, funding crucial infrastructure projects, public services, and programs designed to enhance the overall quality of life for every resident in Mississauga.


In this context, dividends take the form of valuable benefits and advantages provided by the city rather than monetary gains. These dividends manifest as top-notch educational facilities, well-maintained parks and recreational spaces, efficient transportation networks, robust healthcare services, and diverse cultural and artistic initiatives. The city's goal is to ensure that resources are allocated wisely and dividends are distributed equitably, maximizing the residents' well-being.


Just like in a business, the City Councilors, acting as CEOs and Board Chairs, are responsible to the shareholders—the people of Mississauga. They foster transparent communication by organizing public forums and meetings, actively listening to the concerns, suggestions, and feedback from the residents. Decisions are made collectively, valuing the voice of every citizen.


It is crucial to highlight the importance of accountability and effective leadership. Similar to the business world, if the CEOs or Board Chairs fail to meet expectations and deliver the desired dividends; prompt action should be taken to rectify the situation. This ensures continuous improvement in the stock, dividends, and quality of life for all residents.